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Richard T. Levine, MD,FACOG
Practice Name: Virtua Phoenix OB/GYN
Age: 64 Gender: M

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Burlington County, NJ Address : 3242 Route 206, Building A Suite 2 Locate
Mansfield, NJ, 08505
Phone : (609) 444-5505
Fax : (609) 444-5606

Burlington County, NJ Address : 120 Madison Avenue, Suite B Locate
Mount Holly, NJ, 08060
Phone : (609) 444-5500
Fax : (609) 444-5501
Access Information : Public Transportation
Handicap Accessible

Burlington County, NJ Address : 401 Young Avenue, Suite 325 Locate
Moorestown, NJ, 08057
Phone : (856) 291-8865
Fax : (856) 291-8880

SpecialtiesBoard Certified indicates Board Certified

Obstetrics & Gynecology Board Certified

Education / Training Type

Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia   (Medical School )

George Washington University Hospital   (Residency )


Virtua Hospital Memorial

Insurances Accepted*

*Please verify with your insurance company the physician's participation in your health plan.


Aetna US Healthcare HMO

Aetna US Healthcare PPO

Amerihealth (POS)

Amerihealth (PPO)

AmeriHealth HMO


Beech Street/MediChoice/Capp Care N



Devon Health Services

Horizon Basic Plan A/50

Horizon Blue

Horizon Direct Access

Horizon HMO

Horizon HMO 100/80

Horizon Medical Saving Account

Horizon PPO, POS

Horizon Traditional Plan

Independence- BC Traditional

Independence Personal Choice

Intergroup Services

Keystone 65

Keystone 65 Choice

Keystone Health Plan East

Keystone HMO

Medicaid supplement to Primary Ins.


One Health Plan

Oxford Health Plan

Physicians Health Services (PHYS)

Qualcare, Inc.

TRICARE (Sierra Military)

Uniformed Service Family Health Pla

United Healthcare

Wellchoice/Empire Blue Cross

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