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Strength after Breast Cancer Education Program 2014
Fee: Free


  • Do you want strength and energy back?
  • Do you have questions about changes in your upper body caused by cancer treatment?
  • Do you want to learn more about lymphedema risk reduction and control?
  • Do you do things differently with your upper body than you did before your cancer?
    Virtua in Motion Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Virtua Centers for HealthFitness and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have teamed up to bring exercise to breast cancer survivors. Over the past few years, clinical researchers published the results of the PAL Trial. These studies showed that supervised, slowly progressive strength training can be safe and effective for breast cancer survivors.

    This new program educates survivors about lymphedema and helps them to build strength. We are pleased that this program is now available to all breast cancer survivors who have completed their cancer treatments.

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